Welcome to Tie The Knot By Tessa!

Tie The Knot By TessaPinHello friends! And welcome to Tie the Knot by Tessa- a wedding inspired blog that inspires brides by delivering current wedding trends, DIY projects, and helpful tips from a trusted wedding planner.

I’m Tessa, a 23-year-old Arizona girl, with a passion of making beautiful things and bringing joy into peoples lives. Thus, Tie the Knot was born!

After graduating from Arizona State University – GO DEVILS! – I worked in the event industry. I worked with grease monkeys, installing Portofino lighting (those cute light bulbs that hang from the wire that are used in almost EVERY wedding), and other things that were not nice to my manicure.

While working in events, I fell in love with weddings. Shortly after, I decided to combine my passion for weddings and fashion, so I got a job at wedding dress boutique.  For the record…it is NOTHING like Say Yes to the Dress. Many of times, I had to roll up my metaphorical sleeves to get the job done! When I sold my first dress, hugged my first bride, cried my first set of happy tears- I was hooked.

Now, here we are! Use this blog to create your own beautiful things because the best things in life are shared.



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