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Before starting a DIY project, there is always some hesitation. We have all seen or personally experienced a “Pinterest Fail”. Don’t feel like an orphan.

Take this photo for example:


In my defense, the instructions were pretty vague. #pinterestfail

Here’s the deal…homeruns can’t happen if you don’t swing the bat. In some cases you strike out (damn you cheesy broccoli orzo). Other times, you knock one out of the park. This DIY project was a grand slam.

Sorry for all the baseball references. I just watched Field of Dreams.

We see them everywhere: Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie catalogs, Coachella…the list goes on. Once worn by hippies at Woodstock, flower crowns have evolved into a popular wedding accessory. My inner flower child propelled me to start this project.

Here was my inspiration:

FlowerCrown11Pin Although I did not document a step-by-step tutorial on creating my crown, I have created a list of suggestions and products that I HIGHLY recommend.

Flower Crown Tool Kit:

  • Naturally Coiled Wire (This is the wire that goes around your head. A lot of floral crown tutorials just use the Green Floral Wire as the base, but this looks way better and it will hold up well.)
  • Green Floral Wire, 22 Gauge
  • Stem Cutters (I prefer stem over wire cutters because they cut through way easier!)
  • Floral Tape (Green or Brown is acceptable)

Flower Crown Ingredients:

  • (2 bundles) Rambling Rose (light pink)
  • (2 bundles) Baby’s Breath
  • (3 bundles) Holland Rose (white)
  • (2 bundles) Any filler flower of your choice. I recommend using fern or eucalyptus.

*I bought all my fake flowers from Michael’s*


  1. Measure and clip naturally coiled wire around your head. Shape and clip the wire after you have placed it where you’d like it to be worn. For example, I wore my crown on the top of my head, rather than across my forehead. Once clipped, twist ends of wire around one another to connect. Tip: Make sure you leave wire about ½ inch longer than measured. You will need extra space for flowers, and you don’t want it too tight!
  2. Remove flowers from their long stems, leaving about 2 inches of stem length.
  3. Arrange flowers (rambling rose, holland rose and baby’s breath) together. Combine each mini-arrangement with your floral tape at the stem. Tip: Exclude the filler from these arrangements. You will incorporate them when needed throughout your crown.
  4. Assemble your mini-arrangements around the crown. This will give you an idea of what looks best before you attach!
  5. Once you’ve decided on placement, use green floral wire to attach flowers to crown. Cut green floral wire into 5-10 inch pieces. I eyeballed the length, but you rather have more than less! Wrap your green floral wire around the stem of mini-arrangement and crown.Tip: Be careful! When clipped, this wire can poke the crap out of you! I suggest wearing worker gloves- no joke. 
  6. Continue this process in the order at which you’d like the flowers to appear, until your crown is full!
  7. Turn on some Bon Iver and be fabulous.

FlowerCrownTessaPin BDP_0926-3326181168-OPin


Pictured is the GORG Kali Nordin and her hubby Trevor.

I’ll admit. She wore it better.

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