Top 10 Wedding Cake Trends of 2014

I gotta sweet tooth and the only prescription is blogging about cake!

Lately, my pinterest feed has been flooded with current, wedding cake trends. This hype is contagious, and the struggle to NOT drive to my local bakery for a mini cake is real.

My taste buds don’t know it’s bikini season. To be honest, if they did, they probably wouldn’t care. These look too damn good.

Cake #1: The Naked Cake


 These cakes are too cool for icing. Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of icing. If you’re the same way, this is the perfect option for you! Plus, you won’t feel as guilty! You can indulge with half the amount of calories and use fruit as a garnish- FRUIT. Fruit is good for you. Go back for seconds!

 Cake #2: The Mini Cake


 It’s true in almost every scenario. The smaller it is, the cuter it is. Enough said.

 Cake #3: The Wordy Cake


They say that you should only say sweet things because one day, you may have to eat your words…literally. This is a fun and sentimental trend. Incorporate your vows or your favorite poem.

Cake #4: The Cake Pop


Cake pops are the best. They’re easy to grab, and easy to eat 10 before you realize it. How adorable are these mini wedding cake pops?! If they had cheeks, I’d squeeze them.

 Cake #5: The Metallic Cake


Caution: If you are easily distracted by shiny objects, you may want to go a different route.

 Cake #6: The Ombre Cake


 First it was the clothes we wore. Then it was our hair. Truly, it was only a matter of time.

 Cake #7: The Geometric Cake


Fun patterns like moroccan (left) and chevron (right) are great for a modern styled wedding. These cakes would make Trina Turk proud!

      Cake #8: The Messy Cake


These cakes are perfectly imperfect. This is a great option for brides who want to make there own cake. If you screw up, no one will notice. Just slap a few flowers on that thing, and you’re good to go!

 Cake #9: The Lacey Cake

LaceCake2Pin LaceCake2Pin

This wedding cake trend is the perfect combination of rustic and chic. Vintage lace and lace appliqué are making a comeback in the bridal world. This trend is in high demand, whether a bride is shopping for her wedding dress or a cake to match!

Cake #10: The Nature Cake


I’ve been seeing A LOT of cakes that look like tress on Pinterest. Not sure if I want to eat it, but I can definitely appreciate the artistry. This look is perfect for a rustic, country wedding. Instead of a cake topper, carve your initials into the cake! How old school is that?!

Check out my Pinterest page for more wedding cake trends and photos!

…try not to drool on your keyboard…



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