Bridesmaids on a Budget

I came across an awesome article in Arizona Bride magazine by Stephanie Sparer, titeled How Much is Too Much to Ask Your Bridesmaids to Spend on a Dress?

After working at a bridal salon, and with several brides and their bridal parties, there is always a struggle of vision versus practicality. I’m a firm believer that a bride should not budge on her vision. She’s been dreaming about this day since she was a little girl!

Here’s the issue…

what’s practical for one is not practical for all.

According to Felicia Gaines, a special engagement dress expert at Sax Fifth Avenue, “between $80 and $120 is a typical amount to ask bridesmaids for a moderately priced dress”.

Here’s the other issue…

the majority of bridesmaids dresses from popular brands like Dessy, Jordan, Watters and Bill Levkoff range between $200 and $400.

Here’s the GOOD news: uniformity is on its way out!

This means that brides aren’t hell bent on making their bridesmaids look like clones. Most brides and stylists use color pallets when styling the bridal party. Some brides don’t even send their crew to bridal salons anymore!

As long as you find a dress that you love, that compliments the bride’s theme and works within color/fabric regulations, you are good to go!

Here are a few of my favorite examples of unconventional bridesmaids dresses.




To accomplish the same look, I took a trip to my old stomping grounds- Divaz Boutique at Tempe Marketplace. I worked there while I attended Arizona State University. It was the ultimate go-to boutique for college girls who were ballin’ on a budget!

Here is what I found…


 Left: Love Stitch $65             Middle: Solemio $40             Right: Audrey $40

 Color Palette: Cream, Dusty Rose and Blush

Three bridesmaids dresses under $200 (and that’s with tax)!!!

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