Wedding Gowns For Your Shape

I’m going to do this quick and get it over with. It’s like ripping off a band-aid.

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t look like this:


You probably look like this:


You know what? That’s okay! I’m a size 8 at 5’4. I’m a little ball of curves, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

With that being said, I know what it means to shop for your figure, which has inspired today’s blog.

After working at a bridal salon, I have helped brides of all shapes and sizes find their dream dress. Now, I am going to help you narrow down your search, so you can feel BEAUTIFUL on your special day.

First, pick the body style that fits you.




An empire waistline will showcase and define the smallest part of your body. To create an illusion of curves, draw attentions upwards with an interesting neckline. You can also create curves by drawing attention below the hips with a fit-n-flare style (mermaid) style.

BEWARE: High necklines and sheaths. They will make you look boxy!


Tip! Ruching (right) will accentuate curves in the most flattering form. 


If you have an apple shaped figure, the key is elongating your torso. You can create an illusion of a longer mid-section with an empire or a-line silhouette. A v-neck or sweetheart would be the best options for a neckline.

BEWARE: Mermaid, drop-waist, or ball gowns. They will hug all the wrong places!



Women with this figure should draw attention upwards. Get creative with your necklines! With a small upper half, you can rock a one-shoulder dress, a v-neck, sweetheart, bateau or scoop neck. I would not choose a silhouette below your natural waist.

BEWARE: Mermaid/trumpet silhouettes, high necklines, and sheath. High necklines will make you like disproportionate and sheath will cling to your thighs.



It’s time to show off your curves! Women with the hourglass, or Marilyn Monroe, figure can get away with wearing a majority of silhouettes. How ever, the most flattering is mermaid, trumpet, drop waist and/or fit-in-flare. These styles are very similar, but vary depending on the seam below the waist or at the knees. Necklines are also a non-issue.

BEWARE: You cannot have it all. Stay away from empire waistlines. You’ll look pregnant, and people may start rumors.


And most importantly, more than any body type or size, be happy that you found a man that loves you for you. You wear the dress-it doesn’t wear you.

Stay Beautiful,


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