Succulents: A “Must Have” For Your Wedding

Whenever I meet a bride, we always talk about the “must-haves” for their wedding. 9 times out of 10, succulents are on that list.

These plants have become increasingly popular in the wedding world. On today’s blog we’re going to discuss the various ways you can incorporate these plants on your big day! But first, here are some fun facts:

1. A succulent is like a cactus’ hotter, more sought after sister… Sorry cacti.

 2. Succulents can retain water, so they last longer. If you are a plant killer, like myself, you should appreciate this.

3. You can use pieces from a pre-existing succulent to grow more succulents. Whaaaaaat?!


 SuccBouquet2Pin SuccBouquet1Pin


 BDP_0924-3324966388-OPin SuccBout4Pin

You can make your own succulent boutonniere! Add a filler, wrap with twine, attach a pin, and you’re all set!


 succcenter2Pin SuccCenter1Pin

Hair Accessories

  SuccHeadband1Pin SuccHeadband2Pin

Party Favors


I created these succulent keepsakes! Individually plant the succulent of your choice into a cute container, and add a personalized message for your guests. Keep it short and sweet! 

Cake Toppers

 Succcake1Pin SuccCake2Pin

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