Real Weddings: Mr. & Mrs. Corey

I’m thrilled to kick start a new segment of my blog with one of my favorite couples. I’ve known these knuckle heads since high school, which is when their love story began. A couple of punk-rockers, turned lovers, and eventually Mr. & Mrs. Corey.


(Pictured: Heather and Garrett 2007 vs. 2014)

I sat down for a “Q and A” with Mrs. Heather Corey to discuss the intimate details, the personal touches, and vision of their wedding.

1) Did your wedding have a theme? Yes, it is actually a bit hard to explain, but the term we came up with is “retro futuristic.” So think 1950’s space exploration, and what they thought the future would look like. We just loved the graphic style and thought it was a unique, fun way to represent OUR future.

2) How did you bring your theme to life? We didn’t want to go overboard and cross the line with aliens, planets, etc… We decided to choose just a few elements/colors and incorporate them throughout the wedding. Think geometric shapes, diamond shaped stars, atomic symbols… We tried our best to stick with those elements, but if we came across something amazing we would fit it in anyways. To touch more on that, we made many of our decorations. We love to create and this just seemed like the perfect way to add our personal touch to the wedding.

Fun Fact! Heather works as a designer and created  her save-the-dates, invitations, guest book cover, wedding signage. She uploaded their stationary designs to and printed everything from there.

3) How involved was your fiancé in the planning/design process? He was very involved in the creative process. I didn’t make a decision without him. If things were overwhelming for him, I would narrow things down to my top three favorites, and he’d help me choose from there. Since he works at a workshop, he had access to all the tools we needed for DIY projects. He made a lot of things from the wedding by hand. So special.

4) What was your favorite part about your wedding day? Celebrating with our family and friends. It was such a fun, happy day that went by waaay tooo fast. It was so fun to see our vision come to life. The chef at our venue-The Saguaro Scottsdale-was Jose Garces (from Iron Chef). He was INCREDIBLE. He served as our caterer, and it was the most delicious mexican food I’ve ever tasted. Since we’ve moved from AZ, the southwest feel from the hotel and the food became an unexpected, important element because it represented where we grew up, met, and fell in love).


Coreywedding29PinCoreyWedding12PinCoreyWedding8Pin   CoreyWedding9PinCoreyWedding31PinCoreyWedding32PinCoreyWedding5Pin

Fun Fact! Heather made these brooch bouquets. Many of these brooches were found at Goodwill, or given as a gift from family and friends.

“I actually found these crystal flowers at Z Gallerie, that come in bunches of 3 (3 individual flowers) for only $15! I used one light blue bunch for each bridesmaid and 2 clear bunches (6 individual flowers) for my bridal bouquet. They came on sticks of their own which acted like real flower stems. I added the green floral wire to the brooches to add a flower-like stem and stuck them throughout the crystal flowers. I used floral tape to keep them all together and then wrapped the stems with ribbon. It did take some time and effort, and they were a bit heavy to carry, but it was well worth it. I saved a ton of money and I let the girls keep their bouquet. I also get to keep mine forever!”


“To go with the bridal brooch theme, we found some super awesome pins on ebay (little rocketships for the groomsmen and a retro star for the groom). They were simple but really added to the outfits. They were also little souvenirs for the groomsmen. And I have to say the Groom still wears his when we go out!”


Fun Fact! Heather’s veil was Something Borrowed. Her veil was originally attached to a hat, that her mother wore on her wedding day! Heather cut, sewed and attached a piece of the veil to a comb to create this retro look.


Fun Fact! Heather snatched these hanging, geometric lanterns from a display window at J. Crew!


Fun Fact! Heather and Garrett created their own place cards and cake topper! Heather designed and printed the place cards at home. They rolled clay balls (1″ diameter), let harden, made a slit for the place card, and cut corners to create a diamond shape.

Heather also designed the cake topper, which Garrett laser cut onto a small sheet of acrylic at work…BAD ASS.


“Garrett and I love to play video games together so we brought in our Nintendo 64 and borrowed a TV from a friend. We chose a corner in our reception room and hooked it up! We got to play Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart with our friends. We also had a scrabble table set up!”


Pin CoreyWedding17PinCoreyWedding40PinCoreyWedding20PinCoreyWedding41PinCoreyWedding19Pin



Venue/Catering: The Saguaro Scottsdale

Photographer: Daniel Kim Photography

Wedding Coordinator: Sip and Twirl

Cake and Sweet Table: 21 Cakes

Arch/Chuppah: :Party People Rentals

DJ/Lighting: Robert Walk for Just Weddings

Dress: Brides by Demetrios

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