10 Ways to Show Your Guests Some L.O.V.E.

As a bride, you are automatically granted the right to act like a total diva. This is the only time in your life where you can adopt the ME, ME, ME mentality and get away with it. After all, this is YOUR wedding. This is the day YOU have been dreaming of your entire life. YOU have busted your buns (along with your wedding planner) to make sure everything looks perfect. We get it.

The truth of the matter is, that your guests mean a great deal to you and your fiancé. It is also possible that some of your guests have traveled to attend your wedding. They have spent the time, money and miles to RSVP “Yes”.

So…here are 10 thoughtful, unique ways to show your love.

1. Thank You Note (DUH.)

Take the time to write a thank you note to all your guests. Print it onto nice stationary, and place it at their table setting.


 2. Flip Flops

This one is for the ladies! If you’re like me, you probably look like a newborn giraffe when you walk in heels. SO dancing in heels seems not only painful, but also impossible. Save our feet with reasonably priced flip-flops!


3. Blankets

If you plan on having your ceremony and/or reception outdoors during the wintertime, blankets are a warm and cozy way to show you care.


 4. One Word: Food

Other than the entrees and the desserts, your guests are going to want something yummy towards the end of the night. Ask catering about a late night snack. Anything fried or with cheese is necessary.

Fun Fact: Couples are renting hotdog stands and food trucks, so guests can place their orders on the way out! 


5. (Classy) Bathroom Basket

You know those incredible displays of perfume, assortments of gum, body glitter, spray deodorant, and cigarettes you find in the bathrooms at nightclubs? Class it up and put it in a basket…leave out the body glitter and cigarettes.


6. Hangover Kit

As I mentioned in a previous blog, your guests most certainly took advantage of the open bar. They may not be able to remember your entire wedding, but they will remember the awesome Hangover Kit you gave them the next day.


7. Give them a Ride!

Whether it’s from the airport or when they leave the venue, you want your guests to arrive to their destination safely. A lot of couples are giving their guests Uber credits, which is AWESOME.


8. The Seating Chart

I’m going to be realistic. You cannot satisfy EVERYONE when it comes to the seating chart. How ever, it is still important to be mindful. Don’t put your single friends at the children’s table.


9. Keep the monsters, I meant children, entertained.

A lot of venues are starting to team up with nannies. BRILLIANT. Definitely, take advantage of this service if it is offered. If not, hire someone to keep the children entertained, or have a kid’s table with snacks, board games, coloring books and play dough!


10. Arrange for a Discounted Rate at the Hotel

Whether you are planning a destination wedding or trying to accommodate out of town guests, you will NEED a room block at a hotel nearby the venue. Most hotels offer future brides and grooms a link or special code to illustrate on Save the Dates or Wedding Websites, so guests can book on their own and reap the benefits. Tip: Always start with the least amount of rooms required for a room block. You do NOT want to get caught taking care of the bill if the rooms don’t get filled!  


There you have it, 10 easy and cost effective ways to make your guests feel warm and fuzzy inside!


Your Wedding Planner


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