10 Gift Ideas For Your Blushing Bridesmaids!

So you’ve chosen the lucky ladies to stand by your side on your big day – the easy part is over! We’ve compiled a list of 10 ideas for your bridesmaids to help make the task of finding the perfect gift a little easier. You’ll want to give your bridesmaids something that will remind them of your special day, as well as something they can use in the foreseeable future.

10. Personalized Jewelry: because who doesn’t love their initials on a trendy necklace?

This gift will undoubtedly get them excited for the wedding. These necklaces are personal and classy, without going over the top, and can be worn for the wedding. Plus, they are something that your bridesmaids will treasure as a memento from your special day long after you’ve said ‘I Do.’

Personalized NecklacePin

9. A Cute Clutch: this all-important gift idea will allow your bridesmaids to store lip-gloss, gum and their cell phone throughout the wedding.

We all know how important our lip-gloss is, so give your bridesmaids a safe haven for the important items they want to keep close on your wedding day. Brides can have fun with this by choosing different clutches for each bridesmaid to spotlight their individuality. This bridesmaid doesn’t leave the house without her favorite, designer shades.


8. Box of Blowouts: this is a great gift to get your bridesmaids’ hair looking fancy leading up to the wedding.

You can also offer to join them for one of these blowouts to pamper yourselves amidst the stress that planning a wedding can cause (but that’s what we are here for). This gift will really let your bridesmaids know how much you appreciate them, and how good you want their hair to look in photos.

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7. TOTES! A cute, BIG bag: many times, brides will spend the night before the wedding with a few of their bridesmaids, so this gift is perfect to store clothes, makeup, shoes, and more for this sleepover. Just another gift that your bridesmaids can use long after the wedding – did somebody say girls weekend at the beach?!


6. Perfume: this is a great gift idea for your bridesmaids to smell oh-so-good all day long.

These smaller fragrance bottles are also excellent for storage inside the aforementioned clutch so that your bridesmaids can spritz themselves throughout the day. Being outside for wedding photos and the ceremony sometimes means a lady needs a perfume refresher! Even if our sweat smells like rose petals and sunshine.


5. A Picture Frame: for a photo of you two taken on your wedding day.

This is a fun idea for a gift because you can choose different frames for each bridesmaids based on their individual taste or style. And when you get your wedding photos, simply order prints with your bridesmaids and send them along with a note, once again thanking them for being part of your big day. Everyone says that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I bet people will comment on how pretty you look!


4. A Comfortable (and fabulous) Robe: this gift is great for wedding day prep.

The morning of the wedding can feel really long as everyone is getting their hair and makeup done. So treat your bridesmaids to a comfortable robe that will make them feel extra pampered throughout the morning. Not to mention, the amazing photo op you’ll get once you’re all look lovely and comfy!

Bridesmaids robesPin

3. Comfortable Shoes: for your bridesmaids to get their groove on.

If your bridesmaids will be wearing heels for the ceremony, this is an even better idea! By the time the ceremony is over and photos have been taken, there is a 100% chance that everyone’s feet will be hurting. So give your bridesmaids a comfortable pair of shoes for the reception and watch them shake their groove thing! Side note: TOMS actually offers a line of wedding specific shoes!


2. Mini Emergency Kit: for everything they might need the day of.

These mini emergency kits are a saving grace… seriously. They really are mini, but they include 21 little essentials to save all of your bridesmaids, including extra wedding bands, dental floss, hair spray, and compact facial and blotting tissues. And that’s hardly scratching the surface of everything you can find in these gems. Bobby pins, band aids, and breath freshener, oh my! You can find this mini emergency kit for brides, bridesmaids and more HERE.

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1. Beauty Box: for the day after! This is a fantastic thank you gift for your lovely ladies. This gift really allows you to personalize and demonstrate just how much you appreciate them. You can include anything from bubble bath and beauty products, to jewelry, accessories or gift cards for spa services. This is all personalized, which means each bridesmaid can receive different item in their Beauty Box. And of course, be sure to include a note expressing how much it meant to have them by your side.

Beauty BoxPin

So there you have it – a list of 10 fabulous items to gift your bridesmaids for being part of what is likely the biggest day of your life. Good friends are forever, but good gifts aren’t so bad either!

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