Ceremony Traditions: Unite and Inspire at Your Wedding

So, you’ve set your wedding date at your dream venue (GO YOU!). Now, it is time to think about how you’re going to tie the knot. The ceremony is the most important part of your special day…obvi, which is why it’s important to pick out a ceremony tradition sooner rather than later. Several traditions have withstood the test of time and can be found in most weddings today, while others are newer and gaining popularity.

We’ve compiled a few ceremony ideas to make your decision easier, and to leave your guests in “awwwwwww” (get it?). But first, here’s a tip: personalize! These traditions aren’t black or white; they can be colored in all shades of you. After all, it is YOUR day.

  1. Unity Candle

Perhaps the most common, this tradition uses symbolism to unite the two families through marriage. Both families will light a single candle together to symbolize the coming together of the bride and groom. The unity candle is a popular wedding ceremony tradition and the candles can be decorated as the bride and groom see fit. This has also been done, without families, where the bride and groom light the unity candle together.

Unity CandlePin


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  1. Reverse Unity Candle Ceremony

This is a very unique, and interactive wedding ceremony idea. After the bride and groom have lit the unity candle, they turn to their maid of honor and best man and light the candle in their hands. The maid of honor and best man then turn to the person besides them and light their candle, and so on. The flame is passed one by one until every candle in the crowd is lit. This ritual is aesthetically pleasing, as it creates a magical atmosphere around the wedding ceremony.

Tip: We don’t recommend performing this tradition for weddings over 50 people. Can you say fire hazard?

If you are expecting more than 50 guests, you can offer candles to family members in the first rows, and light away!



  1. Sand Ceremony

Similar to the unity candle, the sand ceremony symbolizes unity as it expresses the idea that two families are now becoming one. The bride and groom will have different colored sand and will take turns pouring it into a clear vessel to create layers. The colors can have a particular meaning to the bride and groom or can simply match the colors of the wedding.

Tip: Bring a funnel! It sounds silly, but the colors will disperse evenly, and it will prevent any spills.


  1. Love Letter and Wine Box Ceremony

This is a very romantic ceremony idea that the newlyweds can continue to enjoy throughout their years together. The bride and groom each compose a love letter, which are locked inside the wine box, to be revealed on their wedding anniversary or another special occasion of their choice. These letters can be inserted into the box during the ceremony. Family members can also include letters of advice or well wishes. If wine isn’t your thing, it can be exchanged for your favorite bottle of liquor!


  1. Warming of the rings

This is another great way to incorporate close friends or family members in your ceremony. The person in possession of the rings passes them to the bride and groom’s family, who make a simple statement of love and support for the new couple. The warmth is not literal…this isn’t Lord of the Rings! The warmth comes from the words of loved ones and their warm embrace, while holding onto your wedding rings.


In this photo, the bride and groom used a string to thread the rings onto. This thread expanded across the first row, allowing for an easier transition from guest to guest.

  1. Themed Traditions

These traditions are dictated by the theme of your wedding. For example, if you are getting married near the water or have a nautical theme, you can incorporate the tying of a fisherman’s knot. Or if you have a garden theme, you can incorporate a tree-planting ceremony to signify the start of your new marriage. We have even seen pebble traditions where guests bless precious stones that are given to them upon arrival.

Tree PlantingPin

We hope these ideas have helped make your decision a little bit easier. Remember, these traditions can be altered in any way you see fit, so take your time, and focus on how you’d like your ceremony to flow, look and feel. xoxo

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