Turning the Page: Guestbooks Are Taking on A New Look

One of your favorite memories from the big day is going to be your guestbook. Traditionally, the guestbook was just…a book, BUT as times have changed, it has taken on various forms.

Here are a few guestbook ideas for your guests to share their love and congratulatory wishes.

  1. The wishing well: this is an alternative to the guestbook that is gaining popularity in the wedding world. Guests write well wishes on a small piece of paper or other material and place it into a miniature well that can be adorned with the name of the bride and groom or other decorations to match the overall theme. These messages will be shorter, as there is limited space for guests to write, but are fun alternatives as the happy couple can pull out each message individually.

Wishing WellPin

  1. The guestbook frame: this version allows the bride and groom to frame their well wishes that surround a beautiful photo from the wedding. The number of guests attending the wedding will dictate how large the canvas needs to be. And once completed, the happy couple can add their favorite photo from the day and hang the frame inside their home. It can be a daily reminder of how much love was shared on that special day.

Guestbook FramePin

  1. Message in a bottle: an old form of communication has become a new wedding tradition. The wedding couple provides a long sheet of paper, decorated with prints that match their wedding décor, for guests to share their well wishes. Once the reception is winding down, the wedding planner or event coordinator rolls the paper up and places it into the glass bottle. After the happy couple reads through their guests’ messages, they can roll the paper and place it back in the bottle. Plus, it will not make a great decorative piece in their home.

Message in a BottlePin

  1. Wedding advice jar: similar to leaving a message in a bottle, this allows your guests to express their well wishes and offer you some marriage advice. If you are trying to accomplish a rustic look, you can use a mason jar to hold Popsicle sticks, which is where your guests will write their advice. Here’s a special tip: use a thin-point sharpie to avoid bleeding ink. This tends to happen while using the Popsicle sticks!

Advice JarPin

  1. Leaving your mark, literally: If your guests aren’t afraid to walk around with a colored thumb, this is such a fun alternative to signing a guest book. This can be done in various ways. You can have your guests leave their thumbprint along with their signature, or you can get a little more creative with the design. We’ve seen fun examples of couples choosing peacocks or balloon strings for guests to add their fingerprint to. If you would like your guests to leave well wishes or words of encouragement, make sure your picture is large enough, or have two different pictures available so as to create more space for your guests to sign. Pictured below is an illustration of a tree, where the leaves are made up of your wedding guests fingerprints.

Fingerprint TreePin

  1. Please Sign Our Guest Globe: Leave a globe out for your guests to sign where you should travel during your marriage. This is a great guestbook idea for the couple that loves to travel. Ask your guests to share their favorite honeymoon or vacation spot with you, and space permitting, a short reason why so that you can create a travel wish list with your new spouse. Not only will it be fun for the bride and groom to travel around the guestbook globe following the wedding, but it will be sure to inspire their next journey as husband and wife!

Globe GuestbookPin

Just like wedding photos and videos, the guestbook will be a memory that the new bride and groom can share over and over again. Whatever look that is chosen to incorporate into the wedding, the guestbook is a favorite of the guests because they can share their joy in being there to celebrate. Take their kind words and well wishes to heart, and read them as often as you like! xoxo

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