The Importance Of Wedding Stationary


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We get it, with all the costs tied to your wedding the simplest place to save some money is by cutting the corners and ditching the small stuff; wedding stationary included. Although it might appear to be unimportant, wedding stationary plays a noteworthy part in your nuptials and we are dishing why!

Set The Tone
First impressions are the real deal and your wedding stationary sets the tone for what’s to come. Your invites will give your family and friends a preliminary glimpse of your wedding style and theme and should leave them eager for the day to arrive. So, let’s avoid a trip down memory lane to those handmade high school prom invites and stick to something more refined.

Contain Important Deets
Avoid a basic pen and paper note that can be easily overlooked or thrown away and snag some attention with some pretty paper. All your essential wedding details are provided in your wedding stationary so it’s essential that it’s presented in the finest of fashions. By utilizing stationary, you are able to successfully arrange key details in a legible manner to convey your message effectively to guests.

Save Time
For all of you tech queens who feel a text or email will suffice, think again! In these digital days, it’s easy to fall back on the convenience of technology but it won’t be long until your message is deleted or sent to the back of their inbox, which means you’ll end up repeating info. Traditional trumps texting in this circumstance and stationary goes far as the information never goes away!

Years from now you’ll want to look back and recollect on the blissful time. Stationary serves as memorabilia acting as a time capsule to dates, times and information easily forgotten. It also acts as awesome decor in a bedside frame or saved in a scrapbook.

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